Toastmasters Clubs in Nepal

Toastmasters Clubs of Nepal

S.No. Club Name Area Meeting Venue Meeting Day/Time
1 AIN TMC A1    
2 Everest TMC A1 Dhokaima Cafe, Patan Dhoka, Lalitpur Weekly SUNDAY at 18:00
3 Professionals TMC A1 Attic Restaurant, Aananda Bhairab Marg, Kathmandu 44600 Weekly WEDNESDAY at 18:15
4 Senora TMC A1 OPIUM Restaurant, Sherpa Mall, Dubarmargh, Kathmandu Fortnightly WEDNESDAY at 17:45
5 NMB Bank TMC A2 Baneshwor Restro Fortnightly THURSDAY at 08:00
6 Sanskriti TMC A2 Sanskriti International School Fortnightly THURSDAY at 14:30
7 Shangrila TMC A2 Attic Restaurant Weekly WEDNESDAY at 18:15
8 Bhairahawa TMC A3    
9 Butwal TMC A3    
10 Himalaya TMC A3 Falcha Cafe, Babarmahal, Kathmandu Weekly THURSDAY at 17:45
11 Lumbini TMC A3    
12 ACAN TMC A4 ACAN Office, Babarmahal, Kathmandu Weekly WEDNESDAY at 18:15
13 Euro School Nepal TMC A4    
14 KU-SOM TMC A4 Kusom, Room No. 512, Block A Weekly SUNDAY at 17:30
15 Logpoint TMC A4    
16 Academia TMC B1    
17 Leadership and Entrepreneurship TMC B1    
18 MAW TMC B1    
19 Rato Bangala TMC B1   Fortnightly DAY at 00:00
20 WorldLink TMC B1    
21 Agni TMC B2   Weekly THURSDAY at 17:45
22 Apex TMC B2   Weekly MONDAY at 17:30
23 City Express TMC B2 Corporate Building, Kamaladi Fortnightly THURSDAY at 17:00
24 Laxmi Sunrise Bank TMC B2    
25 Sunrise Bank Limited Club B2    
26 Bhaktapur TMC B3 Royal Thai Restaurant, Radhe – Radhe, Near Bhatbhateni-Bhaktapur Weekly SATURDAY at 07:30
27 Healer’s TMC B3    
28 Kasthamandap TMC B3   Weekly THURSDAY at 17:30
29 RCK Thapathali TMC B3   Weekly THURSDAY at 17:15
30 Samriddhi TMC B3    
31 Biratnagar TMC B4    
32 Damak TMC B4    
33 Dharan TMC B4    
34 Jhapa TMC B4   Weekly THURSDAY at 18:00
35 Baneshwor TMC C1 Carnival Restro and meetings, Thapagaun, New Baneshwor Weekly WEDNESDAY at 07:00
36 MetLife Nepal TMC C1 Metlife Corporate Office, Pulchowk, Lalitpur Fortnightly WEDNESDAY at 17:45
37 Nabil TMC C1 5th Floor, Nabil Bank Head Office, Durbarmargh, Kathmandu Weekly MONDAY at 17:30
38 Talk Masters TMC C1 Corporate Office, Marayanchaur, Naxal Kathmandu Weekly TUESDAY at 18:00
39 Lead Box TMC C2 Himalayan WhiteHouse Int.College, Ramshah Path, Putalisadak Weekly DAY at 18:00
40 Reliance TMC C2    
41 SCB Nepal TMC C2 Standard Chartered Bank, New Baneshwor Weekly WEDNESDAY at 17:45
42 Vianet TMC C2    
43 Bhaisepati TMC C3   Weekly SATURDAY at 08:00
44 F1Soft TMC C3    
45 IME Pioneers Club C3    
46 Sagarmatha TMC C3 Bluebird Thapathali Monthly DAY at 17:30
47 Gandaki TMC C4 Med5 Restaurant, Lakeside, street no 6, Pokhara Fortnightly DAY at 18:00
48 NMS TMC C4 New Millennium School Conference Hall Fortnightly SUNDAY at 07:30
49 Pokhara TMC C4    
50 United College TMC C4 United College, Kumaripati, Lalitpur Fortnightly FRIDAY at 08:00
51 Ace TMC D1    
52 Brihaspati TMC D1    
53 Northmandu TMC D1    
54 SAIM TMC D1 SAIM College, Mid-Baneshwor, Kathmandu Weekly WEDNESDAY at 17:30
55 Bodhi TMC D2    
56 Presidential TMC D2 Presidential College, Thapagaun, Kathmandu Weekly SATURDAY at 16:00
57 Tourism TMC D2 Landmark Hotel Weekly DAY at 18:15
58 Unilever Nepal TMC D2    
59 ICA TMC D3 ICA-IGNOU, Sinamangal and Virtual Fortnightly DAY at 19:30
60 IIMS TMC D3    
61 Kathmandu TMC D3    
62 KCM TMC D3    
63 Birgunj TMC D4    
64 Chitwan Landmark TMC D4    
65 Founders TMC D4    
66 Hetauda TMC D4    
67 Janakpur TMC D4    

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