1. Person are identified by their WORK and NOT by their WORDS.
  2. Leadership is not about POSITION, its about leading the team’s ship 😛
  3. Excellence isn’t something you can attain easily
  4. Anger is a tiger who tears own flesh and hurt own-self than others.
  5. Complete what you commit to yourself, if you don’t then don’t, expect others to complete their commitment towards you
  6. FORGET the past, ACCEPT the present and LOOK for the future
  7. What you choose today is your tomorrow, choice is yours
  8. Normal employee does his/her task, but motivated employee does task to reduce other’s engagement and others load too.
  9. You live with the consequences of your choice
  10. Respect for the work, not for the words
  11. Choose from the choices and don’t let choices choose you
  12. Do not watch with your eyes, listen with your MIND

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