Good lines by me

  1. Money May not be Major Motivational Motor but definitely is a Minor one.
  2. Following to Fellowship with Followers Flourish Familiarity
  3. In relationship either you wanna be right or you wanna be together
  4. Leaders DONOT Instruct, rather Initiate
  5. live to the fullest by embracing to change as change is inevitable
  6. Consistent Communication Clears Complex Contradiction (5C)
  7. When you are tired from Learning: Rest, Reset, Restart and Run (4R)
  8. Leaning for Learning is Leading (L3)
  9. Trainer is The Gainer of Knowledge
  10. Learning is Earning
  11. Effortless effort for efficiency is not enough for E(I)mprovement
  12. Departure is an aperture for an opportunity
  13. Its my curiosity, not my concern.
  14. Dont Learn to PASS exam, instead to PASS the KNOWLEDGE
  15. Don’t prioritize your schedules, but schedule your priorities
  16. Punctilious Practice with Patience can Prolong Profession (5P)
  17. Persistent Practice with Patience Prolongs Productivity
  18. Teacher should teach, NOT tease
  19. The best Chef don’t make noises of utensils, s/he just prepares good food to serve.
  20. Some people take Feedback as Feeds while other as Fire

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