Rajan’s Date Converter

API to get TODAY’s NEPALI Date (output: वि.सं २०७४ श्रावन ८, आइतबार) http://rajanmaharjan.com/getdate/ http://rajanmaharjan.com/getdate/index.php?dateType=np API to get TODAY’s English Date (output: 23 July 2017, Sunday) http://rajanmaharjan.com/getdate/index.php?dateType=en API to get TODAY’s NEPALI day or year or month or date (To display date as per your customization) http://rajanmaharjan.com/getdate/index.php?dateType=np&dformat=day (output: आइतबार) http://rajanmaharjan.com/getdate/index.php?dateType=np&dformat=yyyy (output: […]

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