How many of you like chilly? HOT red spicy chilly? Yes, I see a few hands raising. I do love a lot. In fact when I was child I used to have green chilly with my morning meal and evening dinner. Do you think that chilly was as sweet as […]

Doing Vs Do IT

1. In depth Knowledge or full cycle Vs Just Surface Knowledge 2. Can explain in excellent way Vs Can explain in compendious way 3. Learning Capability vs Instruction capability 4. Capable to give solution to problem Vs Dependency with others for solution 5. Time Taking Vs Time saving

Search Photos in

If you want to search your photographs in google you may take below steps 1. rajan, FB_IMG* — this will give all images starting with name FB_IMG and where face of rajan is tagged 2. *.mp4 — all videos whose extension is mp4 3. rajan, video — allmost all video […]

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