How many of you like chilly? HOT red spicy chilly? Yes, I see a few hands raising. I do love a lot. In fact when I was child I used to have green chilly with my morning meal and evening dinner. Do you think that chilly was as sweet as chocolate? How many of you think so? Wait… you might be questioning how HOT chilly can be sweet?? Is Rajan gone mad or does he still have symptoms of corona with loss of taste?? The answer is a NO, I am in good health and have no any taste related issues.

Good Evening fellow chilies and spicy guests

Yes chilly might not taste sweet but the feeling you get might be. Has anyone felt that? No!! None of you?? Amazing… I have felt the one. CHILLY is SWEET

Ya definitely we can feel the chilly sweet when it is allied to person and not with food. We have a traditional thought of chilly being hot and spicy, and even a person can be spicy at one time. Now how many of you feel that you have hot chilies or meet with some spicy one? I have a lot of them, but let me share two of them, one is my baby and another is my BABBBYYY, my child and my wife who are both my life.

How many of you think you have cute children? Cumulate them all together and you get the cuteness of my boy. But wait he is not always cute and silent, sometimes he is arrogant. When he gets raged with his red face, the first thing he does is go around the room with an angry face and kick the floor with leg and march straight to the sofa then stays silently with folding hands uttering some words. We, parents, keep on watching his act by concealing our smiles. After some time when we give no reaction, he comes towards us and starts asking us to play with him. The chilly is now sweet.

Another sweetness of my hot pepper is the smile on his face after winning a fight with me by making a scratch on my face. Definitely the marks would be painful, but as this is an act by my capsicum the pain does not last more than a few seconds as soon as I see a smile on his face.

Let me share the last creaminess that I get from my chilly. He asks me to go outside of the room when he is annoyed and when I go outside, he orders me to come inside and ask me to say sorry no matter whose mistake was it. Once I say sorry, he is calm again and instructs me to play with him. The spicy is now sweet

Now allow me to share a sweet experience with another chilly – my WIFE, ohh my LIFE. Aggrieved wife sits restful without talking to me for an hour or two. The sweet part is I have time to watch TV and even use my mobile without her interference which just lasts for around 2 hours after which I need to face spicy chilly again.

Another syrupy thing about my spouse is when she is annoyed for a day or 2, without talking or responding to me, is that she cooks excellent food and takes better care of family members, except me. And after 2 days, with a smile on my face, I am the one to say sorry in order to convert the spicy chilly to sweet.

Hence, I believe we can have sweetness in chilies by sprinkling some honey water or/and  with some seasonal flavors over it. I would always love to have my chillies with their sweetness and YES they are appealing to me even when they are hot and spicy. So Either it be an edible item like CHILLY or allied to people like you, we can always find sweetness from it. My life does have other chilies too which are sweet. What about you? Over to you Toastmaster of the Evening.

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