“You don’t value sunshine until you are in rain. When you realize, it’s too late for an umbrella” this is what I’ve realized after going through the experience of my own. Once, I met a beautiful girl and I wanted to be her friend. I started talking to her on the […]

My beloved Mother

O! My beloved motherI love you moreYou gave me birthTo look the world. You prepare food for meWhen I was childYou love me and make me greatI became glad. You wash my clothesWhen I was childI want to meet youBut you are not in the world. Your beloved son is […]

बाल दिवस

खोइ केहो बाल दिवस भनेकोजहाँ बालकहरुलाईे हेला हुन्छखोइ के हो बाल अधिकार भनेकोजहाँ बालकहरुको अधिकार सोशण हुन्छ । भन्छन बालक भविष्यका कर्णधार हुन्तर त्यही बालक भइरहेछ होटलका नोकरभन्छन बालक एक भविष्यका तारा हुनतर त्यही बालक भइरहेछ एउटा खाते गर्नुपर्छ मद्दत हामीले बालकहरुलाईदिनुपर्छ अधिकार हामीले बालकलाईयसैलाइृ भन्छन सबैलेयहि हो बाल दिवस […]

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